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Psychic & Energetic
Self Healing

awaken your awareness and become a

conscious self healer in this lifetime!

Are you ready to awaken your awareness of energy?

Everything is energy. 


There is more than what we can see with our physical eyes. There is so much more to us than just our physical body.

But how can we begin to perceive energy?

What is our energy body, and how does it relate to our physical experience? 

How can we work with energy tools to heal ourselves and further our personal & spiritual development?

You are a powerful self healer.

I believe that to heal means to shift and change energy for your benefit. 

We all are powerful healers both consciously and unconsciously - we shift and change our energy (and sometimes others’ energy, too) on a daily basis! 

We all have the ability to perceive energy. To create, to destroy, to work with energy to change our lives.

We all possess psychic senses, and can use them to perceive energy and heal ourself and others.

In just 4 weeks, you will learn what it means to become energetically aware, and how to use your awareness in combination with psychic and energetic tools to heal and transform your life.

I created the course to empower others to take charge of their healing abilities and become conscious healers.


The ability to begin to heal ourselves really becomes unlocked when we cultivate our awareness and realize that we can shift and change our own energy at will. 

If you’re ready to feel aware & empowered, to step into the role of conscious self healer, I invite you to join me on this 4 week journey.

powerful energy tools & support to guide you on your
self healing journey


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4 weekly lessons
guided meditations
weekly study guides
1:1 feedback


Hi, I'm Christine!

 I am a formally trained psychic, a trancemedium healer, a certified psychic development teacher as well as a creative and professional musician. 


Through Kyanite Psychic Services, I offer readings, meditations, classes & workshops to help you foster your own meaningful relationship with Spirit. 


In all that I do, it is my goal to guide you on your unique journey so that you can experience personal empowerment, spiritual growth, healing & inner peace in this lifetime. 


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You will learn

How to ground & center yourself
How to run energy through your body to heal yourself
What are your psychic senses, and how to activate them
How to use protect yourself and your space using psychic energy tools
An introduction to your energy body: chakras & auras
How to balance and heal yourself using psychic energy tools

1:1 feedback

All students have the opportunity for 1:1 feedback and guidance in the live classes and via email for the duration of the class.

weekly lessons & energy work

weekly lessons run about 90 minutes each, and all include a guide with suggested energy work to support you on your journey

guided meditations

4 guided "working" meditations are included with this course to help you get started using energy tools in meditation 

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Psychic & Energetic Self Healing
is perfect for you if...

You are sensitive to your environment and the people around you and you feel that you easily absorb others' energy.

You feel disconnected from your body when you are stressed.

You are familiar with chakras and the aura but are unsure how they function.

You have a hard time letting go of recurring thoughts and emotions


You are interested in learning about and developing your psychic senses

You want to take charge and heal yourself on an energetic level

Christine's courses and webinars are amazing. Her background and experience with energy healing is very advanced yet simple to understand.


If you're looking to find more happiness, health and abundance in life, I recommend Christine and her services.

- Bob R.

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What people are saying...

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I loved this workshop and I cant tell you how much it has helped me since. Christine is an amazing teacher and guides you step by step.


I learned so much and left with a better understanding of my practice. Highly recommend it!

- Marni N.

this 4 week course includes...

4  live weekly lessons with replay available
4 guided meditations
weekly handouts & suggested "energy homework"

questions answered via email or Podia for the entirety of the 4 week course

COST: $250

DATES: Wednesdays 9am PST/12pm EST 
March 8, 15, 22, 29 


I'm ready to be a powerful self healer!

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