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What can you expect from a reading with me?

I begin each reading by interpreting the information contained in your energetic field as it is communicated to me in pictures, sounds and feelings. I will often describe a scene or images that are representative of your energy and correlate them to real life situations or circumstances. I will communicate any messages for you from your Higher Self (higher consciousness, source energy) that are brought forward. After that point I am able to go deeper into a specific type of reading and energy healing, working with my Guides to move and shift your energy as needed for your growth and benefit. 


Questions are welcome after the initial reading of your energy field. Any questions asked will be answered from the perspective of my Guides and Higher Self. All readings will be recorded and shared with you afterward so that you can revisit and digest the information within. 


I celebrate and honor all expressions of gender and identity, and am accepting of all life paths and religious belief systems. It is important to me that I read with compassion and care, offering a space for you to receive guidance without judgment. 

What types of psychic senses do you use in your readings?

Just like our physical senses, I use a variety of psychic senses to interpret and communicate energy, information and messages from Spirit. The senses that I tend to work with the most are clairvoyance (psychic sight), clairaudience (psychic hearing) and claircognizance (clear knowing). I often will read with my eyes closed so that I can be most in tune with the psychic information that I am receiving, rather than the physical information that surrounds me. 

When is the right time to receive a psychic reading?

What can I do to prepare for a reading?

If you are reading this FAQ and contemplating a reading with me, then it is almost certainly the right time for you to receive a reading! Psychic readings and healings are incredibly helpful when we are at a crossroads or turning points in our lives, but are equally helpful, validating and healing when we are states of contentment as well.

The best thing that you can do to prepare for a reading is to be calm, relaxed, and ready to receive. Please keep any specific queries that you have in mind (or written down ahead of time), but know that all readings are unique experiences in time - Spirit will always communicate exactly what we need to know at any given moment. It is advisable after a reading to have some quiet down time to process, as well as to stay hydrated and get plenty of rest in the next 24-48 hours.

Are you able to predict the future?

Due to the nature of our free will, no psychic can definitively tell you when a particular event or outcome will take place. However, it is possible for me to read and interpret potential timelines and outcomes that currently exist in your energy field.  

I am experiencing physical symptoms. Can you help to figure out what is going on with my body?

While I am able to read information in your energy body, I am not a medical professional. If you are experiencing symptoms of physical pain or distress, please seek immediate, professional medical attention first before considering a psychic reading.

Is the information discussed in my psychic reading confidential?

Absolutely! I take privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Psychic readers are a type of spiritual advisor, and as such, I have taken the steps to become an Ordained Minister in the state of California. This means that it is my duty and obligation to hold any information shared in your reading in complete confidence. 

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