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 Kyanite Psychic Services 

 Guidance from Spirit for

personal empowerment & transformation


Thank you for visiting Kyanite Psychic Services.


I am so grateful that you took the time and energy to be here now. 

It is my goal to collaborate with Spirit in all that I do to provide you with the support, clarity, insight and energetic tools that you need to facilitate personal empowerment and growth.


You can live an empowered life full of love, peace and contentment amidst our rapidly developing existence on planet Earth. 

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Psychic Readings

A selection of readings to suit your needs. Click below to discover the reading that is the perfect fit for you!

Guided Meditations

Meditations to guide you in shifting your energy and connecting with the realms of Spirit. 

Courses & Workshops

Courses & Workshops to help you develop your energetic awareness, natural psychic abilities and connection with Spirit.

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Christine’s readings are action-oriented, and delivered with a healthy dose of wit, grace and style. 

Carmen A.

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Christine is genuine and insightful. What she brought to light was helpful to me and some of the imagery she called up I've been using in my daily meditations since working with her. 

Nick C.

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Christine is an amazing, fun loving ,vibrant, and an incredibly uplifting person! My experience with her was awesome and she connects on a level like no else has done before.

- Jillian L.

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