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Psychic Protection & Self Care

Let's talk about SELF CARE, and why I believe that it's intrinsically linked to psychic protection and psychic abilities.

Say you were wanting to protect your home from invaders or people with bad intentions. You set up a state of the art security system all around the perimeter of your home, and even installed a really powerful deadbolt lock on the front door. But then all the way around the back of your house, you've got this old screen door - it's kind of falling apart, and you don't even bother to lock it. Maybe the lock doesn't really even work correctly! And when you leave the house, you just leave the back screen door open - who cares right? You have all of that protection in the front of the house to keep you safe!

Well... that's pretty much the equivalent of only doing energetic protection and clearing but not caring for your physical body, not practicing self care. Right?

Our physical body and our energetic body operate cohesively as a unit. Often in metaphysical studies, we focus on how the energetic affects the physical but it can be a two way street. The physical can effect the non-physical, too!

Going back to the analogy of the house, if you're constantly using your energy tools, right, calling upon Archangels for protection, but you're not sleeping well, you're not resting, you're eating all the junk food, or you're drinking too much... that's the equivalent of leaving the back screen door open! It's so important to care for your physical body. It is your soul's home in this life. That includes but isn't limited to: getting enough sleep, taking time to rest, eating food that really supports you and nourishes you, moving your body, supporting your mental health, tending to your physical health, and addressing any health concerns immediately.

If you don't care for your body, who will? We set the precedent for how we allow ourselves to be treated. Often we think about that on an emotional level - in relationships, for instance - but it really applies to our physical bodies as well. If we don't care and protect our body, how do we expect that to radiate outwards energetically?

I really do say all of this coming from a place of experience. Every day, right now, I'm training myself - I'm bringing myself back to center to prioritize self care above all else. I have to say, it doesn't come in the form of an "aha! moment" where "I see it now - I'm all of a sudden a master of self care" - No. It's a choice that I have to make many, many times throughout a single day, throughout the week, throughout the month. It's a choice made many times over.

I used to be (and if I'm not careful can still be) someone who put my self care low on the totem pole. In the past, I really allowed myself to be overworked to give away too much. I didn't attend to my physical health. I didn't allow myself to rest properly. So even though I have always been pursuing spiritual or metaphysical studies, I still allowed poor judgments, poor boundaries, poor care of my body, non-beneficial energy and relationships to really have a stronghold in my life. Because my lack of self care set that energetic precedent. Whereas, if I was really properly caring for myself, I don't think that some events that happened in my life might have happened the same way that they did.

Again, I really want to emphasize that we set the precedent for how we allow ourselves to be treated. I cannot stress enough that it's so important to view self care and care of your body as an integral part of psychic and energetic protect protection.

If what I've said today resonates with you, and you'd like to explore the topic of psychic protection further, I would love to invite you to my on demand workshop

This workshop focuses on personal empowerment by teaching basic psychic protection tools, as well as best practices of energy management, both physically and metaphysically. It is a great fit for those of us walking this earth as empaths and sensitive souls.

You can find out more information and register for this workshop HERE.


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