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Psychic Protection & Self Confidence

Today I wanted to take some time to talk to you about one of the most important cornerstones of psychic protection and really, any metaphysical work that you'll do - SELF CONFIDENCE.

We all know what self confidence is. Even so, let's think about what the word really means. When you look self confidence up in the dictionary, it can be defined as a feeling of trust in one's abilities when its qualities when judgment or confidence in oneself in one's power and ability.

It doesn't matter how many tools and techniques you learn to protect your energy. If you don't have confidence in your ability to create and use these tools and their ability to actually protect your energy fields. They're not going to be incredibly effective. Because you are the one creating them.

You are the one setting the intention.

You are the one shaping and molding the energy around you.

It doesn't matter how many protection rituals and spells that you know how to perform. If you don't believe in your own sovereignty, your own authority, your own personal power, they're not going to be highly effective. Similarly, if you call on your Guides and Angels to protect you, but you're not convinced that they heard you or that they're there or that they've surrounded you with protected energy... it's kind of like if you call up a friend and you ask them to help you with an important task. And then you say, "well, I need you so that you can help me but I'm not convinced that you can really help me, but can you still help me anyway?" Pretty funny when you think about it that way!

So, alright, you've got to have self confidence. This is, for so many of us, way easier said than done. I know personally throughout my entire life I have struggled to feel confident in myself, in many different aspects of my life. It's a journey. It's taken a lot of effort, experience, and practice to get to a place of self confidence - and there's always more work to be done in this regard.

If you also struggle with self confidence, it doesn't mean that your efforts to protect your energy are all for naught. Absolutely not! But they can always be stronger and more potent. as your confidence grows. It's important to acknowledge that building self confidence and security should really be a focal point in the work that you're doing.

Two things that I recommend that you can do right now to strengthen your self confidence:

Affirmations - We all know that words are powerful. Create a custom affirmation; one that resonates with you because you created it. Be committed to speaking this affirmation every day, as often as you need.

Find also energetic protection tools and or rituals that resonate with you - there are so many variations out there! It's important to find what speaks to you, in this moment, and then practice it as often as you can. Continued practice builds confidence, and with practice comes more and more opportunity to really see results - to be validated in the work that you're doing to protect your energy and to heal yourself.

So if all of this resonates with you, I would love to invite you to my on demand workshop

This workshop focuses on personal empowerment by teaching basic psychic protection tools, as well as best practices of energy management, both physically and metaphysically. It is a great fit for those of us walking this earth as empaths and sensitive souls.

You can find out more information and register for this workshop HERE.


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