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Psychic Protection - Use Your Tools!

I just wanted to make a quick post to motivate you to use your tools!

Often we can really accumulate a lot of tools in our toolkit in our quest for knowledge, development and growth - and with all of these tools, we can struggle to use them consistently. So here are a couple reasons why it's super beneficial to make that commitment, to set the intention to use your tools, especially tools that can protect your energy.

The first one is really simple and straightforward. The more that you use protection tools, the stronger they become. There's the saying that it takes around 10,000 hours to build mastery in any practice or skill... Simply put, the more time that you spend using protection tools - creating them each and every day - the more effective they're going to be.

When you make using protection tools a habit, it then becomes second nature; you are committed automatically to strengthening your energy field. I encourage you set the alarm on your phone, perhaps with a little note to use your tools at the same time every day. Before you know it, you're going to automatically do it without prompting and feel so much better for it.

The second reason to use your tools often and daily is that they need to be refreshed daily. Think about a jacket. We use clothing like jackets to protect us from the elements to keep us warm. However, if you wore the same jacket for three weeks straight and never took it off... and it was exposed to mud, to the elements and whatever else... gross! It needs to be cleaned and refreshed and you'd need to put on a new jacket in the meantime. Think of your energy tools for protection in the same way. You need to push the old ones out of the way and create and install new ones daily, just like clothing.

The third reason is that practice build self confidence. I've talked about self confidence a whole bunch in a previous video and blog post which I encourage you to check it out. Continued practice creates a positive catch 22. The more that you use protection tools, the more opportunities that you have to receive validation or confirmation that they're working for you. The more confirmation and validation that you receive, the more you're encouraged to use them! If you only used a tool once and say to yourself "I don't know... that didn't really work", you're not really in a position of experience to quantify the benefits of using that tool.

I hope that this quick post helps to inspire to work with energy tools daily and to build your confidence in perceiving and working with the non physical.

If you're looking to begin a practice of using energy tools to protect yourself and the spaces you inhabit, I would love to invite you to my on demand workshop

This workshop focuses on personal empowerment by teaching basic psychic protection tools, as well as best practices of energy management, both physically and metaphysically. It is a great fit for those of us walking this earth as empaths and sensitive souls.

You can find out more information and register for this workshop HERE.

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Psychic Protection: Use Your Tools!


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