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Psychic Protection & Your Intuition

Let's talk about your intuition and why it is one of your greatest protectors in this life.

Your intuition is essentially connected to your higher self, your eternal soul that exists throughout time & many lifetimes. It's always beneficial to be strengthening your intuition and cultivating it, but I want you to know that wherever you stand in this moment, you have a functioning intuition and intuitive abilities.

Your intuition is one of your biggest protectors in this life. It sends you signs, signals and feelings with the goal of keeping you safe on your path. We can experience these signs and signals as...

gut feelings - literal physical feelings in our body

emotions - when we feel uncomfortable or uneasy

a knowingness - when we know that something or someone is not to our for our benefit

Our intuition also shows up in our body language - when your body has a visceral reaction not to face someone when you're talking to them, or when you take a step back automatically in someone's presence, or even when you cross your legs or your body away from someone (the same can be said for the opposite - when your body language leans toward someone, too!). Our body language often speaks automatically in connection with our intuition, so that's another thing to really pay attention to!

However you experience your intuition, it's important to listen to it, honor it and respect it. To trust it, even if it's not communicating something in alignment with popular opinion, groupthink or consensus. Your intuition is always looking out for you, and only ever has your best interests in mind because it's connected to your higher self. It knows your true capacity and capability each and every moment.

With that being said, if you're in a space, and you're getting a strong intuitive communication that you shouldn't be there, even if you don't really know why, it's okay to leave. It's okay to disengage. You don't have to be the hero or be strong and stay. There's always a reason why you're getting the intuitive hits you get. Sometimes that reason can take a while to reveal itself, so trust is absolutely necessary. The same thing of course goes for people. If someone checks out on paper or personal reference, but your body language, your emotions, your physical feelings are saying otherwise - it's okay to excuse yourself and leave their presence. Something important to clarify is that intuitive communications or "intuitive hits" are very different than feelings of fear or feeling and operating out of fear. It's really important to consider the difference between the two. Fear can make us automatically lose our center or feel ungrounded - feel out of body or not connected to our physical body. Intuitive communication, on the other hand, even if it's uncomfortable, or manifests as strong feelings still keeps you centered; you're not outside of your body, but rather, you're finally in tune with your body getting some very clear and vivid communications. Your intuition will always empower you to make clear decisions. It's not going to disorient you, or unground, or you cause you to lose your center - that's what fear does. That is why it's really important to point out the difference.

You can be a powerful energy worker, but if you're ignoring your intuition, those tools might not be enough to shield you from particular energies or circumstances. This might sound harsh, but it's true. This is a fact that I absolutely stand behind based on my own personal experience, especially early on in my journey. As an energy worker and clairvoyant reader, there were people that came to me that really set off my intuitive alarm bells - gut feelings, physical feelings, uneasy emotions. In my naïveté, I ignored those communications. I thought, "I'm strong enough to handle it. They came to me for a reason", and I thought my protections and work on my guides really made me bulletproof. Moving forward, despite those intuitive communications, I absolutely faced the consequences in one way or another. Of course, I recovered from it but lesson absolutely learned!

I've also experienced this in my personal life, where I felt that I was protected and it was okay to go into spaces that made me uncomfortable or to interact with people that made me uncomfortable in some way. Nope! I should have listened to my intuition. Fortunately, over time, I've come to a place where I can recognize and trust this communications, and you absolutely will, too!

So if all of this resonates with you, I would love to invite you to my on demand workshop

This workshop focuses on personal empowerment by teaching basic psychic protection tools, as well as best practices of energy management, both physically and metaphysically. It is a great fit for those of us walking this earth as empaths and sensitive souls.

You can find out more information and register for this workshop HERE.


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