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What to Expect From a Past Life Reading


Before I describe my process of giving a Past Life Reading in detail, I'm going to get on my mini-soapbox and say that I actually believe that all of our lifetimes are happening at the same time, because outside of our human existence time is not linear! This is what I have believed for a long time, however the term "Past Life" is very easily recognizable, and when most of us see the term "Past Life Reading" we know vaguely what type of reading it is referring to, thus why I have stuck with that title in my services. <Alright, I'm off my soapbox 😂>

In this type of reading, I'm going to examine one of your lifetimes in as much detail as I can to help you gain perspective and also relate that lifetime to the one that you are living right now. Often this is a really fun type of reading, but on a serious level it can provide many clients a tremendous amount of clarity and closure. When I read a particular lifetime, I will answer questions such as:

  • Where did you live?

  • What timeframe did this lifetime take place?

  • What did you do in the world?

  • What was your profession?

  • What were your passions?

  • Did you have a fulfilling career, or was there something that you wanted to accomplish that you didn't?

  • What were some of your favorite activities that brought you joy?

  • What type of relationships, did you have? What was the relationship like with your family? with your community? What were your romantic relationships like?

I will then address how can you use this information from this past life in your current life. Is there karma that needs to be completed in this life that relates directly to that parallel life?

I also communicate any channel healing messages from my Spirit Guides, or your Higher Self.

If this type of reading resonates with you, I invite you to book a session with me here.

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