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Communicate with Your Spirit Guides

We all have Spirit Guides! so, how can we begin a relationship with them? In this workshop, I will address this question and more!


We will:

  • go into meditation to awaken our awareness of energy

  • meet and become aware of our Guides

  • learn how to communicate with them

  • receive healing energy & messages in meditation with our Guides

We will also discuss the nature of Guides & review our psychic senses, our means of sensing the non-physical.

This workshop will include:

1hr 50 min. audio & video recording of workshop to stream or download

2 guided meditations

PDF worksheet with journaling prompts 


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This workshop is for you if...

you have had powerful spiritual connections facilitated by others but want to build your own personal relationship with Spirit

are aware that we all have Spirit Guides but are unsure of how to work with them

want to cultivate your awareness of energy

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