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About Me

Kyanite Psychic Services | Christine Elizabeth | About Me | Psychic Development Connection with Spirit Personal Empwoerment & Growth

Hello! I’m Christine (she/her), owner of Kyanite Psychic Services. I am a formally trained psychic reader, trance medium healer, certified psychic development teacher, professional musician, creative, free spirit and eternal student. 


I have spent much of my life studying metaphysics and the esoteric, and have been acutely aware of the unseen realms that exist alongside us from a very young age. I’ve also been a musician for most of my life, studying and performing for 30 years, completing my doctorate in music performance in 2017.


In my musical life I’ve experienced the powerful ways that humans exchange, transform and experience energy - musicians are highly sensitive to energy, and naturally use their psychic senses all the time! 


The combination of intense precognitive experiences and the upheaval of 2020 led me to embark on the journey of formally developing my skills as a psychic and trance medium healer.


Now on an ever-evolving path, I work in partnership with my team of Guides to facilitate healing, personal empowerment, and growth in everyone that I serve. It is my goal to connect you to your heart, build trust in your intuition and to support you in breaking through energetic and spiritual blocks so that you can live authentically.


I approach all of the work that I do from a space of neutrality, compassion and non-judgment. I am full of gratitude for my deep connection with the realm of Spirit and passionate about the work that I do! 


I have been trained as a psychic reader, healer and teacher by the methods of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, and studied with internationally renowned psychic Dr. Lauren Cielo. I have studied indigenous pre-pagan Italian shamanic healing traditions with acclaimed scholar & spirit medium Karyn Crisis, and am currently studying Trance Mediumship with Cody Edner.


I am also an assistant teacher at Golden Rose, where I have studied, and am offering my own psychic and spiritual development class there as well as here via my website. 


I’m based in Los Angeles, CA, and when I’m not of service in the psychic realm I enjoy performing music, gardening, hiking, textile arts, and spending time with animals.

kyanite psychic services psychic development spiritual development energy tools spirit gui

"I didn’t know what to expect, but Christine is genuine and insightful, so I felt completely confident in the reading. What she brought to light was helpful to me and some of the imagery she called up I’ve been using in my daily meditations since working with her. I’ve never had a reading like that before!"

Nick C. 

Kyanite Psychic Services | About Me |  Connection with Spirit, Personal Empowerment, Psychic Development and Growth

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