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free workshop!

Energy Tools to Cultivate
Self Love

Self love is an energy.


In this free workshop, I share three fundamental energy tools that you can use to cultivate the energy of self love within you!


This workshop will cover two simple, fundamental psychic energy tools that can have an enormous impact on your life.

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Communicate with your
Spirit Guides

Each one of us on this earth has at least one Spirit Guide!  How can we begin to communicate and form a relationship with them?

In this workshop, I will address this question and more with a combination of information, energy work & meditation.


Psychic Protection Basics

As we go about our daily lives, we are constantly in an exchange of energy with people, places and circumstances. This workshop will focus on personal empowerment by teaching basic psychic protection tools, as well as best practices of energy management for empaths and sensitive souls. 

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Energy Tools for Manifestation

coming soon!

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