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15 min / $45


30 min / $85     

45 min / $115


A clairvoyant reading can include but is not limited to the following:

  • A reading of your current energy field

  • What energies and self-care practices can assist you at this time

  •  Messages from your spirit guides & Higher Self

  •  How you can nurture your creativity and connection with your Higher Self

  • Healing from my Guides of your energy field as needed

  • Answer "burning" questions you may have

email readings.png

Email readings are now available via my Etsy shop!

My email readings have been bestsellers on Etsy, and have earned many rave reviews.

All readings will be delivered to you as an audio file that you can either stream or download.

You will receive your email reading within 1-5 business days of purchase. 

Gift Certificate 30.jpeg

A $85 gift certificate can be redeemed for one 30 minute reading.


A great gift for friends, family, or to treat yourself in the future!

Gift Certificate 45.jpeg

A $115 gift certificate can be redeemed for one 45 minute reading.


A great gift for friends, family, or to treat yourself in the future!

Legal Disclaimer

Although I am fully confident in my psychic abilities, I am legally required to state the following:

Psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only, and are not intended to replace legal, medical, or psychiatric advice. If you are experiencing health issues of any kind, please consult a medical professional. Kyanite Psychic Services is not legally responsible for any actions committed by the customer. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase a reading. All readings are 100% confidential and are not shared in any way with any outside parties.

Cancellation Policy

I understand that sometimes life and our schedules can change. Cancellations or reschedule requests are welcome at least 24 hours in advance of an appointment. I am unable to honor any cancellation or reschedule requests on the day of an appointment. 


Please arrive to your scheduled appointment on time. Any late arrivals to an appointment will not be met with an extension - meaning, if you are 10 minutes late to a 30 minute reading, you will only receive a 20 minute reading with me. If you are experiencing any technical difficulties while trying to log onto an appointment, please contact me immediately. 


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