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3 of My Favorite Psychic Development Tips

Unlock Your Psychic Potential

Today I'd love to share with you 3 of my favorite psychic development tips that have helped me a lot on my own journey. So let's jump in!

Tip #1

Release the energy of expectation.

One of the most helpful things you can do for yourself on your psychic development journey is to release the energy of expectation. Release it from your body, release it from your space. Just let it go!

Let Go of Expectations

Release expectations of what it's like to use your psychic senses, to perceive energy, and of what it's like to connect with your Guides.

The truth is, your experiences are going to be your own, and you have a unique blend of senses - a unique way that you perceive energy and information in your psychic space.

Expectation can really get in the way of our perception. And I will say, it's amazing in our modern society that we have such immediate access to information and that we have the documentation of so many people's experiences via social media, via blogs, YouTube, you name it! This is a great thing, but it can also be a hindrance when we let other people's experiences really far deep into our space and our consciousness. It is not beneficial to hold other people's experiences as a touchstone for what our experiences should be.

It's wonderful to interact with other people that are on a similar journey, and to learn from teachers and mentors. However, you've got to leave those things at the door when you're in your own psychic space and let your experiences be what they're going to be.

Something that I do often, and highly recommend is grounding yourself in meditation. If you've never tried this practice, you can check out a grounding meditation that I recorded HERE. When you do this, you can set the intention to specifically ground out the energy of expectation. In fact, this is something that I walk students through in the classes and workshops that I teach. You can ground out the energy of expectation from your body and also from your physical space.

It can also help to affirm or state out loud "I release the energy of expectation from my body and from my space right now." - because your words have power and immediate efficacy.

Tip #2

Bring in a childlike energy.

Invite in the energy of amusement joy play. This is so very helpful!

First of all, we know that the energy of amusement (and play, and joy), is a very high vibrating energy. This means that it is going to immediately put you in a higher vibrating state to be able to perceive energy and communicate with your Guides.

It's important to remember that when we allow things get heavy, when we're thinking "I've gotta see this. I need to see it now!" or "I need the answer now! I need to perceive it in this way now!" we're putting limits on our perception and our abilities. However, we can shift out of this heavier state by allowing ourselves to just laugh it off - to be in a state of play and joy, just like a child. So the next time you find yourself in a "I need to see this now!" kind of place, just start to laugh - even if it's fake laughter at first - smile, and then notice what you notice.

I have spent a lot of time working with kids as a music teacher, specifically. For many years I've worked with kids ages 7, 8, 9, 10. It's such a fun age - not only because they're always so playful, but also because of the nature of their raw honesty. Kids at that age will tell you exactly what they're seeing, exactly what they're feeling. No filter, no edits, no comment too ridiculous!

My point here is that it is really helpful in the psychic development space for you to just immediately validate what it is you're perceiving and just communicate exactly what it is that you're perceiving. No perception too ridiculous - just allow yourself to be in that childlike energy. No effort.

The more that you validate and communicate and document what you're perceiving, the more information that you're going to get from Spirit.

As an aside, I will also say if you're working with clients professionally as a reader and healer, there are ethical ways to communicate, especially sensitive information or topics. So that's a whole other thing to discuss! But when you're just working on developing your abilities, validating, communicating everything that's coming into your awareness, nothing is too ridiculous - I promise!

Tip #3

Get enough sleep.

Get enough sleep!! Yes, this sounds really parental and quite "basic", but it's so true!

When you're well rested, you're able to be more focused. When you are sleeping a good amount of hours consistently, your psychic space and your perception is much clearer.

Time and time again, I have really noticed this to be true. On days where I just didn't sleep well for whatever reason, my perception in my psychic space have been cloudy. It can be harder to stay focused, to work with energy tools to set my space.

Proper sleep is really, really important for all levels of health and wellness, so please don't underestimate it!

Here's a quote about sleep that I thought resonated particularly well here - it's from one of my favorite books, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind:

"No part of a man's life deserves to be considered more indispensable to perfect spiritual development than while he is separated from the phenomenal world in sleep."

Sleep not only repairs the body, it gives your conscious mind and your analytical mind a break. It lets the subconscious really step in and do the work.


I hope that these tips resonated with you and that they're helpful to you on your journey. If you're interested in more resources to help you develop your psychic abilities, please do check out:

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