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The #1 Myth About Being Psychic | Psychic Abilities

Let's talk about what I consider to be the number one myth about being psychic...

The myth that only certain people are psychic. Certain people have a gift. That there's chosen people that have psychic abilities, and then people that don't have psychic abilities.

This is simply not true.

The truth is that we're all gifted. So many times, people have reached out to me to tell me that I am so blessed to have "my gifts". I always graciously accept their words - they are spoken from a well meaning place! However, it is so important to acknowledge that every single human on this planet has the ability, the capacity, to perceive energy.

Every single human on this planet has psychic senses and abilities. We're all born with it. In fact, we use these abilities all the time in our everyday life a lot of the time without realizing it.

I have created a whole series of videos and posts that discuss this, talk about each sense and how we use them in our life - you can check out that playlist HERE.

Sadly, it's just not normalized in many modern cultures and societies to talk about this, to validate this part of ourselves. I do think that is shifting and changing, especially with social media and the internet connecting everyone globally. However in my opinion wer're not fully where we need be in that regard.

So when it comes to using our senses and abilities spiritually in different capacities, I like to use the analogy of learning how to play a musical instrument - everybody has the ability to play a musical instrument of some kind... For some people, when they pick up an instrument, it comes easily and naturally to them right away. For other people, they have to put forth more effort to become proficient at that instrument.

I witnessed this all the time as a music teacher, and actually, I'm one of those people where the instrument that I play, the flute, didn't really come very naturally to me at first. As a child, it took me a long time (over a week!) to be able to make a sound on my instrument. I was persistent, though, and once I made a sound I couldn't stop - I loved making music so much!

So it's really the same with our psychic abilities - for some people, using their abilities comes easily and naturally at first. While for others, it requires some persistence and faith to begin to awaken to them. No matter what, we all have these abilities and the capacity to use them.

It's important to know that there's no cut and dry, "one reason" as to why it's easier at the onset for some than for others to use their abilities. This can be a a complex question to untangle, and one that might not always be worth the time and effort to do.

Rather, if you're looking to develop your psychic abilities, simply set the intention and get started on your journey!

The belief that we all have psychic abilities, that we all can connect with the nonphysical, that we all can learn to use energy tools, is really the cornerstone of the work that I do in the world as a psychic reader, teacher and mentor.

So if you are looking to cultivate your abilities and work with energy, please check out the workshops, classes and meditations that I offer here on my website.

You may want to get started with my free workshop, Awaken Your Awareness, which you can access HERE.

The #1 Myth About Being Psychic | Psychic Abilities
The #1 Myth About Being Psychic | Psychic Abilities


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