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3 Common Myths about Working with Spirit Guides

I wanted to take some time today to continue to talk with you all on the topic of Spirit Guides and address some common myths that I've encountered about Guides and working with them along my own journey.

Myth #1 - Working with Deities & Ascended Masters

The first myth that I want to talk with you all about is that deities and ascended masters cannot be or are not guides. In the previous post that I made on spirit guides, I talked about how a guide can be defined as a non physical being that helps heal and guide you on your journey through this life on earth. And if you take that simple definition, Guides and Ascended Masters are not limited to being Guides, but they certainly can be Guides to many on this earth.

Just because a guide, an Ascended Master, or an Angel works with many souls does not mean that your own relationship with them will be impersonal in any way. As humans, we're limited in our capacity for meaningful connection and communication. We can only relate to that one person at a time. But in that regard, Spirit is truly limitless.

I do want to add that in your journey. If you encounter anyone that claims ownership over a guide, an angel, a deity and ascended master. That's definitely a huge red flag. Quite simply, it's gatekeeping. And think about it this way - it's the social equivalent of having a best friend and telling them that "Well, since I'm your best friend, you can't socialize with anyone else", And then telling other people that they don't know how to talk to your best friend without you being present, as if they can't just go talk to them themselves!

Myth # 2 - How Spirit Guides Appear to Us

The second myth that I've encountered often is that there's a certain way that guides appear or universal way that they appear to everyone. I've definitely encountered this one a lot in conjunction with how people talk about perceiving Ascended Masters, Angels & Deities. There is no one singular way to see or perceive our guides. When we see them clairvoyantly they're showing us a valence, or an appearance, and often times will show us a valence that has significance or relevance to us. Something that's easy for us to remember and perceive. On a cultural level, many people may perceive a guide, an angel, etc. one way because it is culturally significant to them, but not they are not limited to appearing in that form.

Spirit Guides are beings that don't have bodies. They don't have hair, or hands, or feet - and what may be of significance or relevance to one person may not be to the next; it's really important to keep that in mind. We use our psychic senses to perceive our guides. Everyone on this planet has psychic senses, but everyone's mixture of how they use their senses is unique. Therefore, everyone's perception of Guides and their energy is unique. Some will see guides clairvoyantly that look human, but others will just see your perceived pure energy or color density. Some are going to feel the energy of their guides so strongly, but not necessarily see them strongly. Some might hear their Guides more clearly than they would see or feel them - you get the picture.

Myth #3 - Intense and Vivid Encounters with Your Spirit Guides

The third myth that I've encountered is that you haven't truly connected with your guides unless you have had an intense vivid experience. Yes, it is absolutely possible to have a visceral, vivid psychic experience or even a visceral physical experience connecting with your Guides; but, that is not the only type of valid connection.Sometimes the connection is vivid, but more often than not connection and communication start subtly and with experience and time, as the relationship progresses, become more vivid, more visceral. Connecting with your Guides has an ebb and flow. It's not generally the same experience day after day.

I hope that I've helped you dispel these three myths, and brought some clarity and hopefully sparked some thoughts, inquiry and desire to explore and connect with your own Guides.

If you want to learn more about how to communicate with your Spirit Guides in a peaceful, non-judgmental learning environment, and form a powerful spiritual council to support you on your journey, I invite you to check out my on demand 4-week class:


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