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What Are Spirit Guides?

As a clairvoyant reader & healer, I work with Spirit Guides daily. I have my own team of guides that support me as a reader, healer, creative, in many facets of my life. I also help connect other people to their guides on a regular basis. One of the most popular reading services I provide right now is a Spirit Guide reading. In this type of reading, I introduce you to one of your Guides and form a portrait of them, as well as communicate why and how they are here to work with you in this lifetime, among other details.

So, since working with guides is such an integral part of my practice, I wanted to take the time to talk with you all about them!

What are Spirit Guides? Simply put, they are non physical beings that help heal & guide you on your journey through this life on earth.

All of us have at least 1 Spirit Guide. In fact, based on my personal experience and perceptions, I would say that the majority of us have many more than just one! It’s very common for us to have a large number of guides working with us over the course of our lifetime, but to only work with or be aware of a few at any given time. For example, I have over 100 guides that are here to work with me in this life, but I am currently working with 9 of them!

Spirit Guides rest on the outside of our aura, to varying degrees of distance. Our aura is the outermost part of our energy body, and it extends about arms length away from us in all directions - so imagine that the Spirit Guides who are closest to you rest at about arms length from you.

Some of our Spirit Guides are here to help us for the entirety of our lives; others are only here for a particular season of our life - for example, throughout our childhood or to see us through a challenging circumstance or hardship. Our soul, or higher self, has contracts with all of our Spirit Guides that specify how long and in what capacity they can assist us in this lifetime - these contracts are always open to be reviewed or revised.

Many (but not all!) Spirit Guides have been human before! It is very common that one’s ancestors (from this or other lifetimes)! are now their guides. It’s also common that guides are members of one’s soul family - souls that reincarnate and “stick together” throughout many lifetimes. I also want to mention that it’s highly possible that you have been a guide to other souls as well in between physical incarnations! And even though guides may have been human in other lifetimes, as beings without bodies, they do not have a specific gender, or set appearance.

We can communicate with our Guides using our psychic senses - clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience to name a few. It is not necessary to be a channel, or to practice channeling to have a conversation with your guides. As one of my teachers put it - you don’t have to have someone sit on your lap to have a conversation with them - you can simply talk to them from across the room! Spirit Guides also communicate with us using signs and symbols form the physical world. Seeing what you might call “angel numbers” is a great example of this type of communication.

If you want to learn more about how to communicate with your Spirit Guides in a peaceful, non-judgmental learning environment, and form a powerful spiritual council to support you on your journey, I invite you to check out my on demand 4-week class:

So I hope that this gave you a little more insight into the topic of Spirit Guides, and perhaps it ignited some curiosity and desire to further explore, learn and connect with them!


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