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3 Surprising Things You Can Learn from Reading the Aura | Aura Healing

In my last post, I shared 3 interesting facts about the aura. This week, I'm sharing 3 surprising things that you can learn from reading the aura!

The Aura: Your Energetic Skin

The aura is a vital part of our energetic body. I like to think of it as parallel to the skin in the physical body. We know that our skin is the largest organ of our body. As the skin holds our physical body together, so does the aura hold our energy body together.

The aura is multi-layered. It's the furthest facing part of our energy body, and it surrounds us at arms length, all around us, above us, and below us. It regulates the energy and information that we send out into the world, as well as the energy and information we take in from the world.

As someone who's read many auras in my practice, here are three things that you can find out from reading the aura:

1: The aura will show you where the majority of your energy and life force is placed.

Is it in the present? In the past? In the future?

For example, if someone is struggling with being "stuck in the past", so to speak, rehashing past events over and over and over, that's going to show up in their aura.

Conversely, if someone is really in the future, worrying, and in the "what if space", that's going show up in the aura, too!


If the majority of your energy and life force is in the past, your aura is going to skew behind to the point where most of it appears to trail behind you. On the flip side, if your energy and life force are in the future, then your aura is going to skew in front of you - think of the phrase "you're getting ahead of yourself" - you're literally getting ahead of yourself on an energetic level!

When the majority of our live force and energy are in the present, we appear to be in the middle of the aura.

Imbalances in the distribution of the aura around the rest of the body can be healed and shifted in the reading and healing space. We also have the capacity to adjust our own aura with practice, intention and attention. We always have the capacity to to bring ourselves, our energy, our life force, back to center.

2: You can learn what kinds of energy and information you're accessing from your chakras at any given time.

Chakras are energy centers of our body that contain and regulate different types of energy and information that pertain to our life and experiences.

Chakras contain a vast amount of energy and information from our entire life, from other lifetimes and dimensions, even!

We're not always running off of all of the information contained in our chakras at any given moment, but we can find out what we are running off of and accessing at present by looking at the corresponding layer of our aura.

For example, the root chakra (first chakra) that holds all of our survival information, our ability to provide food, shelter, and clothing corresponds to the first layer of the aura.

If someone were to read the first layer of your aura, it would give you insight as to what kind of survival information are you accessing right in that present moment.

Think of it just like apps on your electronic devices! You may have a lot of apps installed on one of your devices (just like in one of your chakras). The device contains all of the apps and information, but at any given time you only have one or two apps open and running on your device. There are ways of looking on your device to see what apps are open and running, and you can make choices to start different apps, or to close apps, accordingly with that knowledge.

Just like this analogy, once you know what is "running" in the layers of your aura, you can shift and change the energy and information contained therein to your benefit. This is something that can be done in a reading and healing session, but is also something that can be done by you in conscious meditation with energy tools!

3: The aura will show you if you are fully "in your body".

If you happen to be spending too much time "in your head", or detached from your current reality, and you're not fully in your body, that will absolutely show up when reading the aura.

When someone is detached from their current reality, ungrounded, or "in their head", their aura will appear to skew far upwards and not touch the ground.

In ideal circumstances, when we're fully present in the body, the aura will extend at arms length around us, above us, and below us. Just as I mentioned earlier, this can be adjusted in the reading and healing space, and you can do this for yourself in the conscious meditation space.

We are always happiest and healthiest when we're fully in our bodies, in the present moment. This is a continuous endeavor, to be sure, and can be helpful to approach both from the standpoint of energy healing and our energetic body, as well as from the physical body, and our physical habits and practices.

I have created a guided meditation that walks you through the process of getting grounded & centered, then cleansing and protecting your aura:

Each time you sit it, I invite you to release expectation and let your experience be your own!

If you'd like to learn more about how to perceive energy, including your own aura, and work with energy tools to heal yourself, please check out my ongoing 4 week class

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