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3 Interesting Facts About the Aura | Aura Healing | Psychic Development

This post focuses on the Aura - a vital part of our energy body - I explain what it is, and share 3 interesting facts about the aura.

What is the Aura?

The Aura is a part of our energetic body - it's the part of our energetic body that regulates the energy & information that we send out into the world, as well as what we take in from the world.

You can think of the aura as your personal universe, or the energetic parallel to the skin in the physical body. Your aura is the first part of you that other people sense when they meet you, the first part of others that you sense as you interact with other living beings on the planet.

Your aura extends all around your body - 360 degrees around, as well as above your head and underneath your feet at about arm's length, give or take. I say "give or take" because our aura is very flexible - much like an accordion in the way that it can expand and contract.

The Dynamic Nature of Your Aura

Your aura will expand or contract depending on what you are doing and how you are feeling.

For example, if you're feeling extroverted, your aura is likely be more expanded and further than arms' length from the rest of your body. Likewise, if you are feeling introverted, wanting to pull your energy back and be less visible to the puiblic, your aura is going to be pulled in close to the rest of your body.

Now that you have an idea of what the aura is, and how it exists in relation to the rest of the body, here are three interesting facts that I want to share about this amazing part of you:

3 Interesting Facts About the Aura

1: Your aura is not just one layer, it's seven layers!

A great way to envision that is to think of those beautiful nesting matroyshka dolls . The first layer of our aura is the one that's closest to the rest of our energetic body. The second rests a little further out, then the third, and so on.

Often from my perception when reading other people's energetic bodies and looking at my own aura, each layer is a different color, or colors. And what that really means is that each layer contains different energies, vibrations, and information.

So if you've ever seen an example of aura photography (I know there are a lot of really awesome accounts on Instagram, for example, with pictures of people's auras), you might notice that there are often several different colors that appear in these photos. Often that is because more than one layer of the aura is being captured in the photo!

2: All seven layers of our aura are directly connected to each of the seven main chakras that run throughout the body.

Each chakra regulates and holds within it certain types of energy and information that pertain to aspects our experience here on earth. For example, the first chakra, or root chakra, holds within it energy and information that has to do with survival - your ability to sustain yourself, to provide food, shelter, clothing for yourself and any dependents.

Given that the first chakra holds all of your survival information from your entire life, perhaps even from other lifetimes, the first layer of the aura that is connected to it will contain the survival information from your first chakra that you are accessing right now.

This means that the energy and information in the layers of your aura has the potential to shift from moment to moment, depending on what you're doing and who you're interfacing with. Since color is representative of energy and information, this also explains why the colors contained in the layers of your aura, if you were to photograph them from one day to the next, shift and change.

So essentially each layer of your aura can show you what energy and information you are "running off of" or accessing right now in various aspects of your life.

As a whole, the aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the human body. The third fact has to do with the mechanics of the connection between the chakras and the layers of the aura:

3: Each of the seven layers of our aura are essentially created or projected into existence by the spinning of each of your seven chakras.

Our chakras are always in motion, always spinning. You can compare their motion and creation of the layers of your aura to the way that a generator works. When a coil of copper is energized, it creates a magnetic field. The same occurs within your energetic body: each layer of the aura is an electromagnetic field created by the spinning of its corresponding chakra. Amazing!

Circling back to the practice of aura photography... there are special sensors in those cameras that translate electromagnetic energy that you emit right from your aura into the colors that you see in the photo!

Where there is intention and interest, anyone is able to cultivate the ability to perceive their aura and also to heal, to cleanse, to balance the layers of their own aura. Anyone and everyone has the capability to heal themselves energetically!

Some people out there are able to see auras with their physical eyes, but more commonly, we are able to see our aura (and others' auras, too!) with the mind's eye.

Meditation to Cleanse & Protect Your Aura

I have created a guided meditation that walks you through cleansing and protecting your aura:

Each time you sit it, I invite you to release expectation and let your experience be your own!

If you'd like to learn more about how to perceive energy and work with energy tools to heal yourself, please check out my ongoing 4 week class:

Psychic & Energetic Self Healing | Psychic Development 4 Week On Demand Course


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