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My #1 Tip for Developing Your Clairaudience | Psychic Development & Psychic Abilities

Clairaudience is psychic hearing and we use our clairaudience all the time in our everyday life.

Clairaudience is a sense that occurs in parallel to our physical hearing. Hearing with your physical ears and hearing clairaudiently are not the same thing. We use our "inner ear" to hear clairaudiently, which is connected to clairaudient channels that run parallel to our jawline in the physical body.

So what's my #1 tip to help you develop this sense? It's this:

Get to know your own internal voice.

It's important to be able to distinguish the differnece between your internal voice and clairaudience communication from Spirit.

Everybody has some sort of internal voice. For some, their internal voice is really quiet. For some it may be pretty loud! For some people, their internal voice has a character or tone that might be similar to their speaking voice; and for others, their internal voice sounds completely different, as if someone else is narrating your life. It's really important for you to find out what it is for you.

Connecting with Your Inner Voice

A great way to get in touch with your own internal voice is to start speaking a sentence out loud and then finish the sentence internally, using your internal voice. Whatever you say can be anything - there are no special magic words! Just begin the sentence out loud and....(finish it internally).

Paying Attention

When you do this, you're going to pay attention to two things:

One, what is the character of your internal voice? Is it similar to your speaking voice? Is it different? Does it have a defined pitch or not? It can be anything, but it's going to be something!

Two, where is it coming from within your body? Where do you feel or sense your internal voice? This is important because clairaudient communication is going to be coming from a different place. For example, when I hear my own internal voice, it feels like it's coming from my center, the center of my body. When I hear clairaudient communication from Guides, for example, many times it feels like it's coming from right above my head. From somewhere separate from myself. This is also another way that I can tell very clearly who's talking - is it me or someone else?

Enriching Your Clairaudient Abilities

The more that you seek to develop your clairaudient abilities, the more rich your experiences are going to be.

I invite you to check out this guided meditation I created to help you strengthen your natural clairaudience:

If you'd like to learn more about your psychic abilities, I invite you to check out this playlist I created on YouTube HERE as well as my courses, workshops & meditations HERE.


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