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Holes & Tears in the Aura and How to Repair Them | Aura Healing

In this post, I talk about two types of damage that can be sustained by our aura - holes and tears - what they are, how they can occur, and share a simple and potent energy tool that can help you repair them.

Let's talk about damage that can be sustained to the aura: holes, rips, and tears.

Understanding Aura Damage

I've made this parallel before in my previous post about 3 surprising things you can learn from reading the aura - as the skin holds our physical body together, so does the aura hold our energy body together. The aura forms our energetic boundary, just as the skin forms our physical boundary.

When we're interfacing with the world, we can get poked by sharp objects and cut ourselves. We can fall and scrape our knee. But when we do, we know that our physical body always has the capacity to heal itself. That scrape will scab over and heal in due time.

The same is true of our energetic body. As we interface with the world, it is possible that our aura will sustain damage, and if so, you absolutely can heal any damage that's sustained to your aura.

Causes of Holes in the Aura

Holes, rips and tears are essentially energy leaks. They're allowing our life force to leak out from our energy body. They also create an entry point where outside energies can easily seep into our being, causing discomfort and pain on various levels.

Think back to the physical parallel - when you cut yourself, you bleed. Your life force is literally leaving your body. If you're not careful, germs can come in through open cuts on our physical body and create further pain, discomfort and infection.

Holes in the aura can occur when our energetic protections have worn down, or if we don't have any energetic protections installed around us to begin with!

Holes in the aura can occur when our boundaries are unclear - when we let other people encroach upon our boundaries. Other people's energy literally can wear holes in the aura over time, just like how physical friction can create holes in fabric over time.

This is one of the reasons why it is so important to protect your energy field consistently - to have that as part of your daily practice - especially if you are a highly sensitive person (such as an empath), and/or someone that interfaces with the public often on a regular basis.

Rips and Tears in the Aura

Rips or tears in the aura correlate to damages that have been sustained to our self perception and self-image.

It's important to be aware of the fact that we can inflict damage to our self-image and self-perception. Whereas holes in the aura are caused by external energies coming into contact with us over time, rips and tears in the aura can be caused by other people's energy but also by our own self doing.

For example, if you're dealing with the energy of self-hatred in your space in any capacity, that energy can absolutely cause rips and tears in your aura.

In this instance, it is doubly important to affirm that you have the power and capacity to heal yourself. Every moment is a new moment to affirm, to decide and to know that you are a powerful self healer, and that other people's views of you don't control or define you. You can choose to define and redfine yourself, to see yourself through the lens of love and compassion in each and every moment.

Repairing Your Aura

Once you have identified that there are holes, rips, or tears in the aura, how can you go about repairing them?

One powerful tool for aura healing is the golden sun tool, which offers multifaceted energetic capabilities.

To learn how to use the golden sun tool for repairing your aura, you can listen and follow a demonstration HERE.

I have also created a guided meditation that walks you through the process of getting grounded & centered, then cleansing and protecting your aura:

Each time you sit it, I invite you to release expectation and let your experience be your own!

If you'd like to learn more about how to perceive energy, including your own aura, and work with energy tools to heal yourself, please check out my ongoing 4 week class

Psychic & Energetic Self Healing On Demand 4 Week Course


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