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The Importance of Signs & Symbols when Working with Spirit Guides

Today I want to write about signs and symbols and why they’re so important when working with and communicating with our Spirit Guides. In the previous couple of posts that I made on Spirit Guides, I mentioned that our psychic senses are really the primary way that we communicate with our Guides. Another more tangible or physical way that our Guides can communicate with us is through signs and symbols.

Have you ever seen repeating numbers like Angel numbers, such as 111 or 4444, or other numeric patterns that have significance to you pop up over, and over, and over in your daily life? Have you ever had a certain animal, say a bee, or hummingbird, or crow across your path many times to the point where it really can’t be a coincidence? I know that has happened to me quite a few times!

Perhaps you’ve had a lingering question and you turn on the radio, or Spotify and whatever is on there - the lyrics — are speaking exactly to your situation, question, or your circumstances? These are all different types of signs and symbols that our Guides can use to communicate with us.

Of course, there’s so many more possible scenarios - it’s really important to keep your eyes open and to suspend your disbelief. If it feels like a sign, or it feels like more than a coincidence, then it is.

Something important to remember about signs and symbols as a mode of communication with our Guides, is that there’s always more investigating and more exploration that’s to be had on your part.

Say all of us started seeing the same symbol — the numbers 4444 — all the time. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re all receiving the exact same communication from our Guides. It’s really up to you to ask questions, to do research, to follow the trail of breadcrumbs so to speak, and to let the signs and symbols unfold for you. This can be challenging in our current culture and society, because we’re so used to having all of the info at our fingertips in an instant! We’re used to having a question and getting an instant answer to it on Google or social media. When we’re working with Spirit, sometimes it takes a while for the full meaning of a sign or symbol to really make itself known.

So if you’re seeing repeated signs or symbols or even just a very synchronistic, repeated occurrence of one symbol or sign crossing your path and your first instinct is to believe that it’s significant, then it is. At that point, your job is to go down that rabbit hole and figure out why you’re receiving that sign or symbol.

Our analytical mind sometimes wants to really explain away these occurrences, but the truth is that they’re really important communications, so please do validate them.

I hope that this post has validated your own experiences, and encouraged you to explore and connect more deeply with your own Guides.

If you want to learn more about how to communicate with your Spirit Guides in a peaceful, non-judgmental learning environment, and form a powerful spiritual council to support you on your journey, I invite you to check out my on demand 4-week class:


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