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Debunking 3 Common Myths About Using Your Psychic Senses | Psychic Development & Psychic Abilities


In today's post, I want to address some common myths about psychic abilities. In a previous post, I talked about what I believe to be the number one myth about being psychic. In this post, we'll delve into three myths I've encountered regarding the use of our psychic senses.

Myth #1: Psychic Senses Are Tied to Our Physical Body

One myth that significantly hindered my progress on my psychic journey is the belief that our psychic senses are regulated or operated through parts of our physical body. For instance, the misconception that we use our physical eyes to see clairvoyantly or our physical ears to hear clairaudiently.

In reality, our psychic senses are regulated by parts of our energy body, working in parallel with our physical senses. We use our third eye, often associated with the pineal gland, to see clairvoyantly. For Clairaudience, we have clairaudient channels within our energy body, which run parallel to our physical ears.

Our psychic abilities are not confined to our physical body but are closely connected to our energy body. It's essential to acknowledge that everyone possesses an energy body and, consequently, psychic senses. The misconception that only certain individuals have access to psychic senses is just that – a misconception. We all have the potential to develop and utilize these senses.

Myth #2: Having Only a Few Psychic Senses

Another common myth is that individuals typically possess only a limited number of psychic senses. Many believe they may be highly clairvoyant but lack clairaudience or other senses. This is not accurate; we all have all our psychic senses.

While certain senses may be more dominant and accessible to us naturally, it doesn't mean we lack the others. Like our physical senses, we have all the components in our energy body. Developing less dominant senses may require more effort, intention, and attention. Consistent energy clearing can also facilitate the awakening of these less dominant senses.

Myth #3: Using Only One Sense at a Time

The final myth we'll explore is the belief that we can only use one psychic sense at a time to perceive energy and information. Contrary to this notion, psychic senses typically work in harmony and are simultaneously active.

Just as our physical senses function concurrently, so do our psychic senses. If you're tasting a piece of chocolate cake, you don't stop seeing or hearing while savoring the taste! All your senses are engaged at once; your focus is simply on the taste of the cake.

The same principle applies to psychic abilities. Often, we use a combination of senses to work with energy or connect with the spiritual realm. For instance, you may experience a blend of seeing, hearing, knowing, and feeling. While you may be more focused on one sense, it doesn't mean the others aren't contributing to your perception and understanding.


I hope this blog post has shed light on these psychic myths and inspired you to explore your own gifts and abilities further.

Remember, we're all inherently gifted with the ability to perceive energy, to work with energy, to shift and change energy for our growth and development.

I offer a wide range of workshops, guided meditations, and classes focused on working with energy and energy tools to enhance your psychic abilities. If you're interested in expanding your psychic skills, please check out the links below:

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