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What is the difference between being Clairsentient & Being an Empath? | Psychic Abilities

What's the difference between being clairsentient and being an empath?

Untangling the Terminology

This is a question that I get asked often in my practice. As someone who is highly clairsentient and also an empath, I agree - it can be confusing. Both of these terms can get really intertwined with each other. So let's take a moment to clear things up!

The Empath

If you are an empath, you're someone that feels the feelings of others in real time. That's the key to defining it - you're feeling the feelings of other living beings in real time.

An Empath's Experience

Here's an example of being an empath: Say you're out with a group of people and someone in that group (not you) starts to have an anxiety attack. Perhaps they don't communicate it to others in the group at first. All of a sudden, seemingly from out of nowhere, you start feeling anxious; you feel like you are having an anxiety attack. You mention it to the group - "I'm really starting to feel like I'm having an anxiety attack". Then all of a sudden, the other person, the one who originated these feelings, pipes up to let everyone know that they had been feeling that way for some time now.... You, the empath, were feeling the feelings of the other person in real time.

Another common example of being an empath - if you're around people that are crying, and they're crying about something that has nothing to do with you (no personal connection), but just being around them crying causes you to start tearing up and crying... This definitely happened to me, before, how about you?

The Clairsentient

Being an empath is different from being Clairsentient, because when you're Clairsentient, you're able to feel feelings not only from the present, but from the past and the future as well. When we use clairsentience, we are able to feel the feelings of non-physical beings, such as those who have passed on but whose energetic imprint may be lingering in a physical space.

When we use Clairsentience, we are able to feel out of space and time, and also interpret information from these feelings. So it's not just crying when someone else is crying. It's just that base reaction. It's feeling an emotion and that emotion is carrying important information.

Examples of Clairsentience

Here is an example of using clairsentience: You walk into a room where an argument has taken place (say a month ago, so no one's in the room arguing now) and you feel the energy of anger, of conflict. You feel a density, and then immediately you know that there must have been something really combative that took place in this space. People were angry in this space.

This is an example of using clairsentience to shed light on something that happened in the past. You're feeling the feeling, and you also have some information about why you're feeling that feeling.

Another example - you're walking into a space and there is a deceased person's energy in that space - and they're upset. You are feeling that upsetment and in that feeling, you are able to know that it comes from a deceased person in the space and they're upset. You know that the upset feelings are not originating with you but simply a communication from another being. Perhaps you also find out a little bit more, too: your feelings tell you why they are upset and what kind of healing needs to take place to bring peace.

Clairsentience can also involve feeling feelings of something that's yet to happen. It can involve feeling some kind of strong gut feeling about a future interaction, with a communication of why that feeling is occurring in the body.

Summing It Up

So in a nutshell...

empath = feeling the feelings of other living physical beings in real time, often without context

clairsentient = feeling the feelings of physical or non-physical beings out of time, often with context

Embracing Your Psychic Potential

Often many of us are both empathic and clairsentient!

I hope that this post helped to bring clarity to this subject. If you'd like to learn more about your psychic abilities, I invite you to check out this playlist I created on YouTube HERE as well as my courses, workshops & meditations HERE.

What is the difference between being Clairsentient & being an Empath?
What is the difference between being Clairsentient & being an Empath?


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