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3 Ways You Use Clairaudience in Your Everyday Life

This is the second post in a series that focuses on our psychic senses and how we use them in everyday life. In the last post I made, I talked about clairvoyance.

Today I'd like to focus on three ways that you use Clairaudience in your everyday life.

So first of all, what is clairaudience?

Clairaudience is psychic hearing.

We use Clairaudience when we hear subtle sounds or voices that come from the realm of spirit. These sounds occur in the mind's ear, you might say, right inside our head or can, feel like they are coming from a place outside or above the body.

Personally, I was stuck for a long time in terms of acknowledging my natural clairaudient abilities. I thought I naturally didn't have this sense at all, which is funny because I have an acute sense of hearing that I've cultivated over time as a professional musician. I thought I wasn't clairaudient, primarily because I thought that clairaudience came from our physical ears and... it really doesn't!

The throat chakra (i.e. the fifth chakra), not surprisingly, is the energy center of our body that regulates communication, and our clairaudient abilities.

So, here are three ways that you use Clairaudience in your everyday life:

1... Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? You know... those ear worms, for better or for worse... If the answer is yes, when you're hearing that song on loop in your head, you're using clairaudience. That was one of the biggest validators for me, because I always hear songs in my head! Maybe you do, too? And if you do, clairaudience is one of your naturally dominant psychic senses.

2... have you ever imagined the voice of a loved one seeing words of endearment of comfort and encouragement ? Either someone that you love dearly that's passed on, or someone who you are close to, such as your significant other - hearing their voice right or imagining what their voice sounds like. This is a wonderful and poignant example of using clairaudience!

3... My last example is aimed at musicians and creatives; as a professional musician, I can 100% guarantee that if you play music (doesn't have to be professionally but if you are musically inclined in any way) you use clairaudience on a regular basis! I've notices that singers are especially clairaudient; they consistently use clairaudience to hear the pitch of the notes before they sing them. Most of the time, singers don't open their mouth and just let "whatever comes out come out" - they're hearing the pitches or the melody before they sing it, and that process of hearing in advance employs their natural clairaudience. The practice of hearing pitches in advance of playing them is actually something that is developed and encouraged when all instrumentalists pursue more advanced levels of training as well.

People who compose their own music often hear it in their head before it gets on the paper or recorded, whether it's in great detail or just an abstract idea or concept. This is a process that involves using one's natural clairaudience. To be clear, this practice is not just limited to professional musicians! If you play guitar for fun, you're probably using your clairaudience when you do that!

I hope that this post inspired you and helped you to realize that you know, you are clairaudient. You have the psychic senses you use them all the time!

So if you feel inspired to use your natural clairaudience and develop it to experience and work with energy tools - specifically energy tools to heal yourself - I want to invite you to check out my four-week class -

In this class you're going to learn what it means to become energetically aware, and also how to use your awareness in combination with psychic and energetic tools to heal yourself and transform your experience.

Specifically, this class covers:

how to ground and center yourself

how to run energy through your body

an overview of your psychic senses

how to protect yourself and your space using psychic energy tools

an introduction to your energy body - your chakras and your aura

how to balance and heal yourself using psychic energy tools

If this resonates with you, please visit HERE to read more about it & register.

Stay tuned for part 3 of this series where we look at ways you might be using clairsentience in your everyday life.

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3 Ways You Use Clairvaudience In Your Everyday Life


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