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3 Ways You Use Clairvoyance in Your Everyday Life

To begin the new year, I wanted to do a series of posts focused on our psychic senses - not just what they all are, but also how we might use them in our everyday lives, because we are all inherently psychic!

Our psychic senses are senses that help us perceive and interpret energy and information from the non physical world. They are connected to various parts of our energy body, and operate in parallel to our physical senses, which are of course connected to various parts of our physical body.

So let's start with one of the more well known, well recognized, psychic senses...


We can simply define clairvoyance as psychic sight.

We use clairvoyance when we see colors, shapes and images in our mind's eye also known as the Third Eye. So clairvoyance connects very much to the third eye chakra, i.e. the 6th chakra.

Every single time that you visualize something with your mind's eye, you're using clairvoyance.

When that really sunk in for me in my training and on my journey, it was a huge lightbulb moment! I have always been very clairvoyant - it's one of my naturally dominant psychic senses. So maybe this might be for you, too, a light bulb moment - I hope so!

The next time that you envision how a certain piece of clothing might look on you when you go shopping...or say you're redecorating or reorganizing your home, and you're trying to visualize how well certain pictures will look if you hang them on the wall... or, if you move this piece of furniture over there, how will the room look... you're using your clairvoyance! So here are three ways (three other ways, really) that you use clairvoyance in your everyday life:

The first one: if you've ever read a book and witnessed the story unfolding visually in your mind, you are using clairvoyance. I don't know about you all, but as a child I loved fiction, fantasy, you name it. When I read, the thing I loved most about it was that there was a movie in my head that I could pick up and put down whenever I wanted; it was such a rich universe that I was able to see feel and understand. The seeing of it, that was me using my clairvoyance.

The second way is when we daydream, we are using clairvoyance. If you've been bored somewhere (which we all have, right?), waiting in line for instance, and all of a sudden you are transported to a tropical island, or to the middle of a forest, or a beautiful snowy landscape, and you're seeing all of this rich detail - that is you using clairvoyance! In that daydreaming, your clairvoyance is helping you transport your consciousness elsewhere.

The third way that we use clairvoyance in our everyday life is aimed at all of you out there that are creative in any way - in the arts, working with your hands etc - If you are a creative and you have envisioned a project a painting, or a physical work before you create it or as you're creating it, you are absolutely using your clairvoyance. You are seeing the work that you will create in your mind's eye first. So I will venture to say that all creative individuals are highly clairvoyant whether or not they realize it !

I hope that this post gets your wheels turning with regard to the clairvoyant experiences that you have had, and what's possible for you to continue to develop. All of our psychic senses, metaphorically speaking, are muscles - the more that you use them the stronger, more vivid they become.

So if you feel inspired to use your natural clairvoyance and develop it to experience and work with energy tools, specifically energy tools to heal yourself, I want to invite you to check out my four-week class -

In this class you're going to learn what it means to become energetically aware, and also how to use your awareness in combination with psychic and energetic tools to heal yourself and transform your experience.

Specifically, this class covers:

how to ground and center yourself

how to run energy through your body

an overview of your psychic senses

how to protect yourself and your space using psychic energy tools

an introduction to your energy body - your chakras and your aura

how to balance and heal yourself using psychic energy tools

If this resonates with you, please visit HERE to read more about it & register.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this series where we look at ways you might be using clairaudience in your everyday life.

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3 Ways You Use Clairvoyance In Your Everyday Life


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