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3 Ways You Use Clairsentience in Your Everyday Life | Psychic Development

This is the third post in a psychic development series that focuses on our psychic senses and how we use them in everyday life. You can follow the links to check out my other posts on clairvoyance & clairaudience.

Today the focus is on Clairsentience.

Clairsentience is psychic feeling. We use Clairsentience when we feel emotions and energy that exists outside of ourselves.

This includes other people's emotions (whether those people are living or deceased), energy of physical spaces, and the emotions and energy of non physical beings like our Guides and Angels.

People who use Clairsentience not only feel these emotions & energy, but they also understand their context as well to varying degrees. That's what really makes Clairsentience different from just being empathic. When you're empathic, you're just feeling all the feelings - you might not know where they're coming from - while Clairsentience takes it a little bit of a step further - you have some level of understanding the why.

In terms of our energy body, clairsentience connects to two centers of the body: the sacral chakra (second chakra) right below your belly button, and the heart chakra (fourth chakra) in your heart space.

Here are three ways that you use Clairsentience in your everyday life:

The first one is... if you've ever walked into a room and without speaking to anyone, experience a shift in your mood or energy level, and that shift brings some sort of information with it. When this happens, you're using Clairsentience to perceive and interpret the energy and information within a physical space. For example, say you're going to interview for a new job and you walk into an office building and all of a sudden you just feel irritated. You feel dense energy and with that feeling comes the impression that the people who work there are not happy. The feelings and the information that they bring help you determine that it's not the right job or working environment for you.

On the flip side, say you are looking for a gym to get a membership with and you walk into one and you just feel energized and excited... you're using your clairsentience to pick up on the fact that everyone in there is really excited to be there, that they are moving energy through their body. That's how you might determine that it's the right place for you!

The second way that you use clairsentience in your everyday life is gut feelings. Gut feelings are technically a form of clairsentience. When you're about to make a decision and you have a good feeling (or a not-so-good feeling) about it, that's your clairsentience generating the emotions and information signaling to you whether or not this decision is to your benefit. It's also very important to realize that this also applies to feelings you receive in the presence of people. If you feel anxious, or excited, or calm in the presence of others, that is information and energy presenting itself to you via your clairsentience.

The third way that you use it in your everyday life... if you've ever had the feeling that you're being watched. That sounds a little creepy, but we've likely all experienced this the feeling - the feeling that you're in a room, perhaps by yourself, and something is watching you. That sensation of "being watched" is your clairsentience picking up on the presence of non physical beings that are, in fact, watching you. I wanted to include this as an example not scare people, but rather because I feel that many more of us have experienced this than we may care to admit. Also, this type of occurrence does not mean that whatever being you are sensing is of ill intent - in fact the majority of time this is not the case! You could very easily be picking up on the presence of a Guide or deceased loved one, so please do keep that in mind, and tune into the information that can accompany these feelings.

I hope that this post inspired you and helped you to realize that you are clairsentient. You have psychic senses and you use them all the time!

So if you feel inspired to use your natural clairsentience and develop it to experience and work with energy tools - specifically energy tools to heal yourself - I want to invite you to check out my four-week class -

In this class you're going to learn what it means to become energetically aware, and also how to use your awareness in combination with psychic and energetic tools to heal yourself and transform your experience.

Specifically, this class covers:

how to ground and center yourself

how to run energy through your body

an overview of your psychic senses

how to protect yourself and your space using psychic energy tools

an introduction to your energy body - your chakras and your aura

how to balance and heal yourself using psychic energy tools

If this resonates with you, please visit HERE to read more about it & register.

Stay tuned for part 4 of this series where we look at ways you might be using claircognizance in your everyday life.

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3 Ways You Use Clairsentience In Your Everyday Life


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